Possible new musical project of mine

I've got a couple of projects on the back burner while a finish off the existing ones. But my latest idea has stemmed from the musical side. I've always been a fan of music and playing a bit of guitar has been a passion of mine. I've tried my hand at writing music but have always done this in a more conventional manner. Paper, Pen, piece of scrap paper lying around the house.

However this time around I'm going to write a song, but this time in pure Actionscript. It will be a classy song of course however listeners won't be able to hear it until they've registered and the song is completely compiled.

Seriously though it would be an interesting project to start, having some sort of sound library with different progressions and scales and keys. Each of these being executed along from the time line similar to sheet music or guitar tablature. Would also need a audio dictionary for the lyrics. Might end up sounding a bit like Fitter Happier by Radiohead.

Anyway this idea needs more storming.

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