Buildwell Offer Creation

Benny Yee
Published on 28 April 2020

An app for a new generation

Needing to modernise an existing application, Wellcom approached Riality Check to re-write an offer-generation tool that allowed their clients to manage offers along every step of the process.

Instead of a simple replication, we took a step back to look holistically at the app’s core functionality and its existing user base: was it achieving what it needed to? Where could it be improved? How were users interacting with the app? And what did users want?

The result was improved efficiency across multiple user roles, with a speedy, intuitive and user-friendly application, delivered on time.

Awesome, Outstanding, Fantastic and best of all ‘Jaw dropping’.
Existing application user

Getting in the flow: creating user workflows

It was important to know how each user interacted with the app: what they were using it for, how the existing processes worked for them and how it could be improved. Not only could this help with the build, but it assisted overall change management, working with an existing group of users who were used to the current app.

We created unique workflows and use case scenarios based on these users, to work out the best way to achieve the desired outcomes. Once this was established, we created interactive wireframes to put these flows into something tangible.

Getting agile with Angular

With a six-month timeframe to market, Angular was the front-end framework of choice. Providing many core features straight out of the box took away the need to spend R&D time on other solutions. Angular Material was the optimum choice, not only for its compatible UI component library, but the component selection was also robust, again reducing the time needed in the decision process.

By marrying a new backend framework with a modern frontend, the application now runs extremely fast, and splitting the front end into separate modules also helped improve performance; pieces of the application now load only when required.

We take in-app notifications for granted in most modern day applications, but this was something that was never a primary requirement. Though by adding in notifications we were able to hook into the event flow to add some subtle features that have improved the overall user experience. Working with a great backend and management team helped with the smooth roll-out and deployment of the new application, with positive reception from the existing users.